Rokinon 14mm video test software

Those are questions that i hope to answer in this rokinon 12mm. This is a comparison of all three rokinon 14mm lenses also branded as samyang is by landscape and astro photographer matthew saville whether youre a landscape photographer, a nightscape photographer, or an inyourface portrait or action sports photographer, you might be in the market for an ultrawide prime lens. Testing the rokinon 14mm ds cine lens on a canon d60 and magic lantern for a time lapse astro photography. It is produced by the south korean company samyang. Portraitpro is the worlds bestselling retouching software. Rokinon 14mm lens comparison 3 great wide angle lenses. Just got my rokinon 14mm cine lens and i wanted to test it out with my glidetrack.

For sharpness testing, we used an edmund resolution power chart and field tests. The 14mm is heavier because its designed for fullframe. Comparison, video test, astrophotography, real world, hands on. This is an autofocusing lens and one that autofocuses very well on the canon eos r that i tested it on along with having a beautiful, weather sealed build. Once the chart filled the viewfinder a series of pictures were taken at various apertures. Another positive vote for the rokinonbowersamyang 14mm f2. Samyangs guide to achieving the optimal angle of view. Since the pentax and rokinon 14mm are both considered ultrawide angle lenses on the pentax k5 it was necessary to place the chart 3 feet from the camera. Test driving and demonstrating the barrel distortion of the samyang 14 mm f2. Heres why a 14mm wide angle lens will change your photographies and videos forever. In my continuing quest for an ultrawide, ive just discovered the rokinonsamyang 14mm 2.

With hybrid aspherical lenses, you will produce sharply defined images with a minimum of distortion and chromatic aberrations. The first two of five rokinonsamyang lenses fe lenses for sony a7a7 emount cameras have arrived in the united states marking their debut as the first thirdparty fullframe emount lenses on the market rokinon 14mm f2. The focus ring is rubber, like the older version, but doesnt have the grippy ridges of the old version. Rokinon, a brand many photo enthusiasts know well, fills in a hole in sonys firstparty line with its 14mm f2. This can be quite annoying, since it can be quite difficult to. No lens correction software was used in the making of this video. I believe the rokinon cine lenses have focusaperture markings on either side of. I am completely aware that the 12mm will not work on the a7. Get a discount off all skylum editing software luminar, aurora hdr, airmagic. Just be sure you have a returnexchange privilege when you buy.

The cine version of rokinons 14mm lens features industrystandard gearing for the focus and aperture ring, and the aperture ring has been declicked for smooth iris pulls. The samyang doesnt have autofocus, which isnt a big deal at 14mm. The 115degree field of view can only be utilized will a fullframe camera, but i have found it to be. Having said that you can use this lens with apsc canon cameras as well, albeit with the crop factor. Meaning, it is ideal for use with fullframe canon cameras. If your current firmware version is lower than the version being offered below, please update your. This same exact lens is also sold under the samyang brand name. Keith has been lent one for a few weeks to test out, and looks to see how well it works. Other than price, the major difference is that the rokinon is completely manually operated for focus and aperture. I must admit, that the first time i tried to focus this manual lens i was a bit bewildered. Budget wide angle lens for canon full frame rokinon 14mm f. Additionally, due to their smaller size and weight, they are. Hayotfilms video production in prague jakubska 4, 110 00 prague, czech republic phone. Comparison, video test, astrophotography, real world, hands on, image samples.

The lens comes with an abnormal dispersion lens element. Both of mine were fine right out of the box, but that apparently isnt always the case. For the price, i can honestly say i have never encountered such a wellmade lens, that produces tack sharp results throughout its aperture range. This element is instrumental for the purpose of suppressing dispersion related. Naturettls matthew saville compares three of the most popular ultrawide astrophotography prime lenses out there. I bought a used bower branded lens and am very pleased. Introduced as a replacement for the brieflyavailable mc version, this. Discussionwhat do you think about the rokinon 14mm f2. Night focusing the rokinon 14mm lens into the night.

As a result, even in poor lighting conditions, you can generally get better quality images and videos. Id say go with the 12 unless you plan to jump to ff in the near future, because ive found the extra stop of brightness really helpful for low light handheld photography while still being relatively free of major ca and coma. The most incredible quality about the rokinon 14mm f2. Please discuss your opinion of this lens here, and discuss feedback for lenshero at our support community. Budget wide angle lens for canon full frame rokinon 14mm f2. The rokinon auto focus also comes in rokinon 14mm f2. Watch til the end for some photo and video samples. Get a discount off all skylum editing software luminar, aurora hdr. I used this lens for over half a year with my nikon d600 dslr.

The rokinon 12mm f2 ncs cs is a fairly inexpensive ultrawideangle lens for cropsensor cameras, such as fujifilm x. This is a manual focus lens which is fine for this type of lens, and i understand it has a chip in it that allows it to talk to. Lens manager system mac os recommendations mac os x ver. The build and glass is excellent, as is the performance of this wide angle lens. It is rokinons 8th auto focus lens and its rst af lens designed speci cally for nikon f mount cameras. Its 14 elements 9 groups design features one extralow dispersion element and two aspherical elements. I guess it will be the 14mm fe samyangrokinon on the a7. Speech is free, but discussion at lenshero is moderated. First, the results are a mixture of both brands which are identical except for the label. The perfect spacing and distance are always necessary when shooting all kinds of subjects, including people, to give them a proper relationship with the beautiful space around them.

It has an extremely low price for its optical quality, and 14mm on a full frame body is extremely wide. From an aesthetics standpoint, which i honestly care almost nothing about, the 14sp is a nicelooking lens and was clearly designed with zeisss external look in mind. Fortunately, that seems about to change, and leading the charge is korean lens maker samyang also sold as rokinon with this lens the samyang af 14mm f2. My initial test shots surpassed any expectations i could have hoped for from such a budget lens.

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