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Pope francis will be visiting the white house on the day of yom kippur, hell be addressing a. Yom kippur is on the 10th day of the month of tishrei or tishri in the jewish calendar. Kippur can also mean to cleanse, with the yom kippur procedures in the temple cleansing the people of sin. This year, our torah reading is the story of the yom kippur ritual, as our ancestors recorded it in. Yom kippur, the jewish day of atonement, is observed on the 10th day of the month of tishri falling in september or october. Guerra do yom kippur wikipedia, a enciclopedia livre. But the document is slightly unwieldy in its online and pdf forms. Pdf with audio and pdf or odt just english sans audio. Cia documents reveal immediate leadup to yom kippur war. Yom kippur, the day of atonement, is the holiest day in judaism.

Paginas na categoria guerra do yom kippur esta categoria so contem a seguinte pagina. Yom kippur war, also called the october war, the ramadan war, or the fourth arabisraeli war, damaging inconclusive war and the fourth of the arabisraeli wars. The war was initiated by egypt and syria on october 6, 1973, on the jewish holy day of yom kippur and during ramadan, the month of fasting in islam, and it continued until october 26. Ensayo guerra del yom kipur trabajos documentales rivemar1973. The war was so called because it started on the holiest day in the jewish calendar, the day of atonement october 6, 1973. Yom kippur is observed on the tenth day of the jewish month of tishrey 2. Yom kippur guide for the perplexed 2012 christian friends. Yom kippur simple english wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yom kippur, also called day of atonement is one of the high holy days of the jewish calendar. This book gives the reader new knowledge and experience. Many jewish communities engage in intense prayer and fasting. Although the yom kippur war was the most traumatic event in israels history and had an enormous impact on israels subsequent development.

Sep 24, 2012 yom kippur guide for the perplexed 2012. The yom kippur prayer service companion 3 as we begin our day of yom kippur, let us all be joyous as we stand up once again with a clean slate and a pure soul. Rabbi debra rappaport, yom kippur 5779 2018 page 1. Lets be sure to give everyone around us a second chance. The yom kippur war, ramadan war, or october war hebrew. It is the culmination of a 10day period of penitence and reflection that begins with rosh hashana new years day. The inside story of the yom kippur war chaim herzog, 1975. Three holidays rosh hashanah, yom kippur and sukkot tabernacles are celebrated during the month of tishrey. Main trends in the historiography of the yom kippur war. Yom kippur 2 institut europeen des musiques juives. O episodio comecou com um ataque inesperado do egito e siria. Since man was created for the sake of teshuvah hb wv t. Many jewish people in australia spend the day fasting and praying. Anwar sadat egypt president and source of the biggest motivation of conflict, can be seen as an example of the clausewitzs notion.

The yom kippur war in 1973 can be seen as a stage to realize presupposition of clausewitz of war as a political tool. Yom kippur is the tenth day of the seventh month and is regarded as the sabbath of sabbaths. During this period, jews ask god to forgive them for all their sins. May god grant us all a new kind of year where the sounds of our souls will be a sound of unmistakable joy. Indeed, the arabs and the israelis have fought five wars against each other. Yom kippur morning torah reading with english transtropilation. Popes visit on yom kipur and high holiday sermon ideas hazon. Yom kippur is usually expressed in english as day of atonement. It is a day of fasting and prayer that is celebrated on the 10th of the hebrew month of tishrei. It came almost as a complete surprise and warning notice was given too late for an orderly callup of the reserves before zero hour. The yom kippur prayer service companion nle resources. Read the text of machzor yom kippur sefard online with commentaries and connections. Yoram ettinger based on jewish sages, september 24, 2012. Fellman chanting the five aliyot and maftir for both days, in english and hebrew.

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